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 Console commands to help lower your ping and give you some more FPS

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PostSubject: Console commands to help lower your ping and give you some more FPS   Sun Mar 08, 2009 2:45 am


Packet transfer setting:

\cl_maxpackets 100
This setting helps smooth out data transfer and should help if you have a cable or other high speed connection. I got a 20ms ping improvement and other FMJ members have seen the same improvement with many indicating they are getting better hit registration.

Enable higher Frames Per Secon (FPS):

\com_maxfps 125 (Default is 60 so this may help overall FPS. Some say this should be set at or just above your average FPS to smooth things out) (Others say the eye can only see 60FPS so who knows)

This allows your game to go allow higher frame rates that the default. Set it to a value you want based on the capabilities of you machines…can go as high as 1000

Field of View (FOV):

\cg_fov 80
If you want to widen your field of view from 65 degrees to 80 degrees, use this command. NOTE: This basically “backs you up” to give you a larger viewing area at the sides but it does make user/soldiers/enemies slightly smaller at the same time. This command does not affect machine performance and is merely a preference to give you the ability to see more.

\cg_drawlagometer 1 (puts a graph just above your grenades)

Top meter on graph. If blue, (or blue with small amounts of yellow) then you system is in synch and you screen/system is refreshing in synch with the server’s perspective of the game world. If Yellow, then you are having issues and your screen/system may not be in synch with what the server thinks is happeing.. in blue shows how well your graphics card is staying in synch with the server as it relates to rendering the gaming environment. A few yellow items is OK but you want the vast majority to be blue. If you have a lot of yellow, this means that your graphics rendering and server rendering of the gameworld is out of synch. lost packets and you need to make sure you he smoother the flow on this meter, the better.

Bottom meter should be all or mostly green. Lots of yellow or red means there are issues. When you spawn or die, you can sometimes see lots of RED , this seems to be OK. If you are all green, then you can consider changing your cl_packetdup to 0 and you can increase your cl_maxpackets
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Console commands to help lower your ping and give you some more FPS
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