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 Wow Admin Abuse

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PostSubject: Wow Admin Abuse   Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:16 pm

Since its only a 1 hour banning i really dont care, but for future refrence Honda.

YOU NEED TO BE WEARING CLAN TAGS! - there is no rules for not calling someone a camper, nor does it imply that members can use any name and ban you anyways. So either clearly state that your a senior admin that is allowed to ban w/o tags or make a console warning saying admins will smurf.

Im not trying to be a dick here, i've had a bad enough day already with 1.7 not working and my sig screwing up. You cant just expect noone to say anything to you if your camping on the roof with an m16, i get called camper, fag, everything in the dam book when i play. Suck it up mate its not like you presented the fact that you were gd before anything was said anyways.

Sure i could take the high road and not say something in return to "dick munch", but as you can clearly see im not having the best day here. Oh and "Yea So", you cant ban someone for returning with what you commented to them before hand. Just 2 days ago you wanted me to join T, so why in the world you cant take a little punishment from what i said is beyond me. Once again let me point out no GD or T or KzN tags= you wanna flame me, i'll do the same to you.

How about you just put on a language control and say no flaming, if you wanna smurf and camp, then ban after someone calls you a fag for it. Notice it happens to me 24/7, and i dont go posting that shit up, saying "oh he hurt my feelings", get real man.

Also yes i do talk to my friends that way, its all in good fun mostly, hell back in bfme we used to spam people hate messages just to get them to play.
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Wow Admin Abuse
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