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 Noxin, mildly peeved

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PostSubject: Noxin, mildly peeved   Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:22 pm

Lately I picked up playing in your pipeline server after not really doing so for a month and some, and shit now it's practically impossible.

I'm wondering if you've changed providers or something in the last little while, cause my pings a tad higher and my bullet reg is just incredibly awful. I mean, what happens to the best of my imagination is that I now have to either aim a foot in the direction of where someone is moving or I aim dead on. I get hits both ways, and it appears to be random which rule I have to follow in order to get hits.

It's just not a fun time, it seems to be okay under 1.7 but I've never had this kind of problem with your server before. Just coming back for the last week now.

Any ideas as I attempt to solve this would be greatly appreciated.

(expecting an essay from Metal)
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Noxin, mildly peeved
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